Sharing the Couch #sol14

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hThis is how I spend many nights. After everything is done for the day (including our last walk), I sit on one side of the couch, Chris gets comfortable on the other side, and the dogs fill in around us while we watch TV.  Last night we finished season 2 of House of Cards so tonight we’re catching up on some DVRed shows from earlier in the week.  Bailey was laying near my feet and eventually ended up putting her head on my ankles and falling asleep.

But Dublin?

He likes to curl up as close to me as possible.  That usually means standing in front of the couch and whining until I realize what he is asking for.  At that point I squish myself into the couch so he can jump up and curl up on the edge of the couch.  The nice thing is that during this cold weather he keeps me warm.  But he is not good at sharing!  He takes up way more space than you would think he would and he frequently readjusts his position.

It’s a good thing I like him. 🙂



Meet Bailey, the Newest Member of the Family

Introducing our new puppy, Bailey. She is almost 8 weeks old and an Australian Shepherd like Dublin. My life is upside down now as I work on house training, but she is adorable! You can follow Dublin and Bailey’s adventures on their Tumblr (I finally understand Tumblr! Fantastic for photos and uploads on the go.

Aussie Love


Blizzard 2009!

We are snowed in here in NJ.  That means lots of time for reading and baking!

Dublin is Growing Up

Please excuse this brief break from kidlit.  Dublin is almost 5 months old now and he is getting so big!  I just made this awesome mosaic on bighugelabs (a site I highly recommend for playing with photos).

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Keeping Me Busy!


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Dublin has been keeping me very, very busy this summer! Here are a few of his latest pictures (almost ten weeks old!)

I’m using fd’s Flickr Toys and loving it. Lots of great uses in the classroom, too!