Slice of Life 30

On Tuesday, my daily attendance question for my seniors was an ad for Peeps x Pepsi and the prompt, “Thoughts?” This led to a lively conversation that resulted in me saying I’d bring some in for us to try.

Well, they were very surprised today when I actually pulled out two cases of Peeps x Pepsi. 😂 We each got a 10oz can to try and the attendance question was a follow-up “thoughts?”

It was hysterical. Their quick reviews are fabulous, but this went on all afternoon. They were calling themselves the sommeliers of soda. They would randomly say out loud, “Why am I still drinking this?” They also pushed cans on unsuspecting teachers and classmates.

At the end of the period one of them said, “This is the second-best English class ever!” The best class, he clarified, was when we celebrated hygge-days during 9th grade.

(There was a method to the madness. Today we also read “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”. It’s one of the greatest short stories ever, but a bit of an existential downer!).


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