Slice of Life 25

Today is my Dad’s birthday (and March is when all of my brothers celebrate their birthdays), so my mom had everyone over. As usual, my sister made an incredible cake.

In case it isn’t obvious, I clearly inherited my love of nature from my dad. This year’s cake celebrated his love of the local flying squirrels (who come when he falls and eat from his hands) and the foxes and coyotes he watches via trailcams.

The party also meant my nieces got to meet their new cousin, my nephew Keegan! It was a very cute first meeting. My nieces also had fun playing with Kells, who I brought for socialization. Kells was a doll and the girls are so good with her!

Once I got home I settled in to watch more tournament basketball; tonight’s games completed my bracket demolition. I do love the underdogs, though!


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