Slice of Life 19

Here’s a list of things I accomplished today:

  • 7am 2-mile walk with the dogs
  • 8:45am-12:30pm taught two classes. From 9-11 I ran my SAT class, and from 11-12:30 I ran my HS English prep class. Both classes are virtual so I don’t have to travel.
  • 12:30-1:30 hang out with the dogs and enjoy the blue sky (and cold weather), pick up Panera for lunch, make my grocery list. Watch the first games of the day.
  • 1:45-3pm grocery shopping at Aldi and ShopRite. Why were the stores so crowded today?!
  • 3-4:30pm unpack the groceries, feed Kells, put the corned beef on the stove for dinner, spend more time outside while the robot vacuums clean the floors.
  • 4:30-6pm watch more basketball. Plan for the week.
  • 6-7pm walk the dogs and explore the new trail we found down the street.
  • 7-7:30pm bathe and dry both dogs after the very muddy and bramble-filled walk. Oops. Chris peeled potatoes for dinner.
  • 7:30-8pm eat dinner. Watch the FDU vs FSU game.
  • 8-10pm entertain the dogs and continue watching the games.
  • 10-?pm watch the last few games agd check my brackets.