Slice of Life 13

March is the longest month for teachers (and probably for students, too). Why?

There are no days off. No holidays, no 3 day weekends, nothing. My district doesn’t do 1/2 days, so it’s just a full month of straight school.

The weather is weird. We haven’t had any snow this school year, but man do we have rain. It’s raining today and will continue tomorrow. In March, we usually add in some wind, too. Today we are at the beginning of a nor’easter storm!

The clocks change and we lose an hour of sleep. Why are we still doing this? I love getting more light at night, but I hate changing the clocks. Let’s just stick with the current time.

Have I mentioned there are no days off? And there are no subs! But kids and teachers always get sick in March, so it’s not fun.

Somehow, we still have a month until spring break.