Slice of Life 12


I love-hate March. Rutgers being snubbed by the committee and left out today was a huge bummer. I keep reminding myself that situations like this were nothing more than a pipe dream just a few years ago, so being a (hopefully) top seed in the NIT is better than nothing.

But damn. What a heartbreaker today. Rutgers is 35 in KenPom rankings while ASU is 68 and Pitt is 77. Rutgers won at #1 Purdue. Rutgers won 7 games against teams in the tournament. I know, I know – the Q3 losses. The selection committee seems to have gone against what it has stated in the past: they value metrics and Q1/Q2 victories. Based on this bracket, it’s more important to avoid bad losses than to win meaningful games. This is why 95% of bracketologists missed the call on Rutgers- they were using the usual metrics to make predictions


Let’s kick some butt and win the NIT.

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