Slice of Life 12


I love-hate March. Rutgers being snubbed by the committee and left out today was a huge bummer. I keep reminding myself that situations like this were nothing more than a pipe dream just a few years ago, so being a (hopefully) top seed in the NIT is better than nothing.

But damn. What a heartbreaker today. Rutgers is 35 in KenPom rankings while ASU is 68 and Pitt is 77. Rutgers won at #1 Purdue. Rutgers won 7 games against teams in the tournament. I know, I know – the Q3 losses. The selection committee seems to have gone against what it has stated in the past: they value metrics and Q1/Q2 victories. Based on this bracket, it’s more important to avoid bad losses than to win meaningful games. This is why 95% of bracketologists missed the call on Rutgers- they were using the usual metrics to make predictions


Let’s kick some butt and win the NIT.


Slice of Life 11

In Fall 2019, my friends and I bought tickets to see The Wanderer at Paper Mill Playhouse in June 2020.

Then the pandemic happened. 🫠

Almost three years after purchasing those tickets and exchanging them for new tickets and a new show, we saw Hercules! The Disney film is one of my all-time favorites, so I was beyond excited to see the newly adapted stage version. To make it even better, the cast is stacked with Tony Award nominees and winners. James Monroe Inglehart as Phil was absolute perfection!

The story is a little more fleshed out and there are a few new songs. Overall, it is a fun show that I hope my makes it to Broadway after a few revisions. The first act is too long and the second act is too short. The second act also included a few changes that weakened the story.

But overall, it was a great show with fabulous music. The five muses were standouts, Meg was a more well-rounded character, and the puppetry was great! (Side note: the resurgence of puppetry on Broadway makes me happy!)

Overall, a great day at the theater!