Slice of Life 6

This is going to be a random post because I am exhausted. I know it’s only Monday, but it feels like it should be Thursday. 😥🥱💤

Last night Rutgers played an awful game. Looking for bright spots after the last few brutal, horrific RU losses I reminded myself that I have high school students who are fans of Rutgers basketball today. They are just as mad as I am this week, and 10 years ago none of my kids gave RU basketball a second thought. Twenty years ago I would have signed up for heartbreak like this without a second thought!

My freshmen are studying Romeo and Juliet, so we are watching the best adaptation ever (the Claire Danes/Leonardo DiCaprio one, obviously). Last week, as we discussed Romeo and Juliet, I referred to Romeo as emo and my kids could not believe I knew what “emo” meant. If they only knew.

And then today I couldn’t stop laughing when one kid turned to me and said, “Young Leonardo DiCaprio looks like he’s in a boy band”. I had to explain that was a whole look in the 90s 😂