Slice of Life Day 2

The 20 minutes of snow we’ve had this winter

My life is currently controlled by a tiny tornado. Kells is a 3.5 month old Energizer bunny ( aka Australian Shepherd) who loves walks, playing, and eating. She keeps us on a strict schedule, so I rush home after school to let her out, feed, her lunch, and head out for a walk.

Today we walked at the county fairgrounds because I knew it would offer some new scents for this still-learning-and-growing girl. It delivered, but not in the way I planned!

For some reason, Navan decided to be the terror today. He found something in the grass and proceeded to roll in it.

And roll in it.

And then he rolled some more.

I assumed it was just goose poop, but as soon as he started walking next to me I was walloped with an awful smell.

And we still had to drive home. Needless to say, it was a long and smelly drive home. 🤮

Needless to say, Navan was not pleased when he had to suffer the consequences (a bath) of his actions (rolling in poop).

A mostly blow-dried Navan