Slice of Life 24

Tonight I was supposed to see a new musical at Paper Mill Playhouse. Originally, these tickets were for June 2020; when we were finally able to use them we picked 3/24. This morning, I woke up and wondered what the heck we were thinking. Original plan- see the show on a weeknight in June 2020. Why did we think a Thursday in March would work?!

I’m exhausted. Aren’t we all? After work, I was dreading rushing home, walking the dogs, then racing to Millburn (at least an hour’s drive). A little before we were supposed to leave, I texted my friend and said I was exhausted.

The good(?) news? She agreed! Long story short, we returned our tickets and will buy new tickets for later in the run. We just can’t hang right now, a million weeks after winter break and a million weeks before skeins break. We are all way too tired.

I’m so glad we were able to reschedule. Now I can see the show and enjoy it instead of struggling to stay awake!

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