Slice of Life 22

I hate ticks. Did you know ticks don’t die in the winter? That you can find them all year in the northeast?

Apparently, ticks are not a huge problem everywhere. But me? I’m lucky enough to live in the northeast: tick capital of the United States. I see fewer ticks in the winter, but I still pull a few off the dogs. But now it’s spring and the ticks are out in full force.

Dublin had a slight balance issue with his back leg last month; we had it checked out and it’s orthopedic, so likely just arthritis. But for the past few days he’s had a slight limp on that back leg. Not all the time, but sometimes. He’s still acting normal, so I chalked it up to his arthritis. Tonight I was trimming the hair between his paw pads to help him when I spotted some blood. He hadn’t helped and I couldn’t find a cut, so I knew I didn’t cut him. Then I looked down at the floor and found a huge tick directly under his foot. I’d clearly knocked out from between his toe pads. First: ewww. Second: poor Dubs! I’d have a limp if a tick was feeding between my toes!

So now I’m off to order the dogs’ their Seresto collars because tick season is in full swing. Ugh.

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