Slice of Life 21

What a heartbreaking loss. We had that game. We were so close to the Sweet Sixteen that I could taste it. But it all fell apart.

I’m so friggin’ proud of this team, though. They played their hearts out and almost pulled it out in the end. We were the 10 seed playing a 2 seed. Houston was favored by 9 points. But none of that mattered because we played with so much heart.

It wasn’t our year. But it’s ok- only one team wins their final game and this year it wasn’t us. But this team broke a 38 year drought. This isn’t the end- it’s the beginning. Rutgers is back and we are here to stay this time.

Next year we will continue making a #gardenstatement. And as I said to a friend tonight, “Damn. It feels good to be able to root for all of our teams”. RU RAH RAH!

Now it’s on to the ladies!