Slice of Life 10

The sun is out by 6:30am these days, so whenever I can I get in an extra walk with the dogs. This morning we headed to the local municipal park before work. The park is busy and crowded; it hosts most of the town’s very popular baseball league. There are multiple baseball fields, playgrounds, and lacrosse fields. The rec center and splash pad are in the middle of the park. The public works department has a satellite building there, too.

Most of the time the birds I see are common ones found in my yard. There’s also a large population of turkey vultures that like to sit on the huge light poles. Imagine my surprise this morning when I spotted a huge bird with white under its wings out of the corner of my eye. It was the size of a crow, so I did a double take. Could it be? I hadn’t heard the loud call it’s known for (and the first sign of one in the area, usually). The large bird landed on a nearby tree, sharing the tree with a much smaller red-bellied woodpecker.

That’s when I knew my first instinct was right: it was a pileated woodpecker! I’ve seen them deep in the woods at the nearby county park, far from where people gather, but this was a very busy park! I was able to grab this quick video while cursing myself for not bringing my camera!