Slice of Life 9

Today was an awesome day. After months of advocating for teachers I finally started the vaccination process! Shot #1 done and one to go! 🙌 I did not faint, either! I warned the very nice Rowan med student and the RU nursing student that I just couldn’t see the needle; they were awesome and it was done in under 5 seconds.

Did I wear a sweatshirt that says “because science” that I bought in a fit of rage a few weeks ago? Yup. (Sweatshirt courtesy of EastNash Teacher on Instagram).

Teachers in NJ became eligible last week. Our system is a mess and I spent about two days constantly refreshing and stalking @C19VaxxUpdates. Thankful for social media because our state is a hodgepodge of a million different vaccine sites with separate appointment websites.

Quick note: I’ve been teaching full days in-person since mid-October at the high school level . My building does not have windows. We don’t have air purifiers or anything like that. The vaccine doesn’t mean schools are completely safe, but this is a big sigh of relief for me on a personal level. High schoolers can still spread Covid, so normal schools is a ways off.