Slice of Life 6

Fitpaws and a new recipe: a summary of my day.

On Saturday mornings Dublin has training class. It’s a canine fitness class aimed at keeping dogs healthy. Fitpaws equipment is designed to help exercise dogs, condition them, and provide opportunities to train and bond with your dog. Dublin loves class and begins herding me to the door about an hour before class starts.

After class I helped with organizing some donations the rescue received and got to bring Navan home a toy. He’s obsessed wother a stuffed dreidel toy he got as a puppy, so today he added another Hanukkah-themed stuffed toy. He loves it.

For dinner I made a recipe I first saw on social media. Grossy’s vodka sawce was amazing. Then I used the sauce to make cheesy baked vodka sawce. It was also delicious. I had enough for dinner and leftovers I can use for lunch this week.

All in all, a productive day. Tomorrow will be spent tutoring and baking Irish soda bread!