Slice of Life #2

Ooof. It’s not easy to get back in the habit of writing a daily blog post! I keep setting reminders and then swiping them away as I say to myself, “I’ll post later!”

Well, later is here. 😱 The good news is I remembered to post and it’s slightly earlier than last night. Small victories, right? I feel like the last year has been full of small victories while we sheltered in place and then slowly began re-entering the world.

Some of my small victories over the past year include:

  • Setting up a sourdough starter
  • Making sourdough
  • Falling in love with snacking cakes
  • Making lots of snacking cakes
  • Watching a lot of TV

Ok, so maybe those are really small (and mostly food-related) victories. But I’ve also written a lot, read a lot, spent a lot of time with Chris, hiked a lot, spent a lot of time with the dogs, chaired a committee, and much more.

Savor the small victories, right? I think I’ll David mine tonight alongside a piece of java chip espresso snacking cake!