Slice of Life Day 24

What I’ve learned while being quarantined and practicing social distancing:

  • I need to get outside everyday. And not just in my yard. I’m grateful fir my dogs and local parks.
  • I am not someone who can work from home under normal circumstances. I’m making this work, but it’s not for me.
  • I don’t own enough lounge clothes.
  • Sometimes it’s good to put on jeans.
  • The days are fast and slow.
  • I’m not nearly as productive as I thought I’d be.
  • Teaching from home is a lot harder than teaching at school.
  • I miss my students.
  • Our students miss school.
  • I’m comfortable eating takeout and I feel strongly about supporting local small businesses.
  • I miss Friends on Netflix.
  • Law and Order makes great background white noise.
  • It’s hard to focus on reading.
  • It’s even harder to focus on writing.
  • Chris and I are good at managing two work from home schedule me and it’s great spending more time together.