Slice of Life Day 23

Week 2 of remote learning started today. The alFriday before we moved online we had time plan for two weeks of virtual learning. I realized today that I need to figure out what and how I’m teaching the the foreseeable future (likely the rest of the year).

The dogs seem to be getting used to having us home. Today it rained all day, so they didn’t get long walks like they did yesterday. Around 8pm Dublin reminded me that we usually take a 3-mile walk on Monday nights while Chris and Navan are at class. Of course there was no class tonight, but Dublin is a dog who likes to stick to a schedule. I squeezed in a quick walk before Chris and I settled in to watch some DVRed TV.

The days in quarantine are starting to blend together. I think today was day 9 or 10 for me. I’ll have to venture out for groceries later this week (we bought two weeks worth and need to restock), but otherwise all my time is spent working, reading, hiking, baking, or watching TV. #flattenthecurve

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