Slice of Life Day 22

Quarantine day something. I’ve lost track and we are only a few days into this.

Sunday is usually my tutoring and grocery shopping day, but it was a little different this week. I did work, but the tutoring center I work at ran an online info session that I was a part of. That took up a good portion of the morning, but I did sneak in two walks with the dogs.

No grocery shopping today, but we did pick up lunch from a local small business. (If you are local, Jersey Freeze is running specials and doing curbside pickup). I’m trying to help local businesses while maintaining social distancing as much as possible.

The other exciting part of my day was giving away books! I have hundreds of books thanks to being on awards committees and attending conferences. Most copies go to my students, but that’s not possible right now. So I posted in a few local Facebook groups that I was willing to leave bags of books on my porch for anyone interested.

Books on my porch

A bunch of people requested books! And more people contacted me tonight! I still have lots of books ready fo give away and I hope more people will get in touch. I may also stop at a few Little Free Libraries and add to their stock.

Other than that, my day was spent watching TV. Chris and I started Little Fires Everywhere and I watched The Greatest Showman 1.5 times. You do what you have to do in quarantine!

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