Slice of Life Day 21

Today Governor Murphy signed a “stay home” order for New Jersey. It doesn’t change much for me, as I’ve been practicing social distancing since school closed last Friday. It does ban all gatherings, including weddings and funerals, and closes non-essential businesses. Hopefully this will make some people take the issue more seriously. I’ve seen way too many large groups if kids and teenagers hanging out together over the last few days. #flattenthecurve, people!

Chris and I did go out today. After he did lots of yard work we ventured across the county to pick up his car at the mechanic’s. One nice thing about being housebound is that we don’t need both cars. As a result, Chris was able to get some much-needed maintenance done on his car. Getting out and driving was nice! We also got a nice walk in with the dogs to get our daily Vitamin D.

Tomorrow will be more if the same. However, I am starting online SAT prep tomorrow morning and that should be interesting! It’s the little things….