Slice of Life Day 20

I have all these big plans to write about remote schooling. Today I even started to draft something on Medium. But I rarely have time to write before 3pm and then I have to walk the dogs. Then I make dinner. Before I know it, it’s 8pm and I’m exhausted.

What I can say right now is that remote school is exhausting. Teachers are adapting on the fly, but our courses were designed for face-to-face interactions, not text. Google Classroom is great, but it’s really just a place to post and collect assignments. In school I provide lots of infernal feedback during the day, but students and parents expect feedback on anything submitted on Classroom. I have over 100 students (that’s a small student load for an English teacher) and I’m spending hours on feedback right now. It’s exhausting and not sustainable.

So it’s 10:30pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. Today was day 5 of remote learning, but it dent like day 9764350000. The kids are being great, but I miss the personal connections made in class. I’m making adjustments to my curriculum and expectations (for my sanity and theirs), but it’s hard to know how much is enough vs how much is too much in this strange new world we find ourselves in.

This weekend I hope to focus on reading and writing for my own self care. I hope you do the same.

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