Slice of Life Day 18

Day 18 doesn’t look like I planned. Not that I had anything specific planned or anything. But looking over past Slice of Life challenges makes the difference very stark. We are still quarantined, leaving the house only to walk the dogs and go to to the grocery store. We did drop Chris’ car off at the mechanic’s to get some repairs done. Silver lining to the whole quarantine thing is that we don’t need both of our cars. Yay?

I’ve never been so grateful to live near some great county and state parks, though. We live across the street from the far end of one county park and a short drive from the front entrance. There are 9 miles of trails available. A state park with 16+ miles of trails is only a five minute drive away. The state says parks will remain open for passive recreation, thankfully. We’ve been walking every day and the dogs are thrilled.

I have to admit I’m shocked by the number of families still using playgrounds, though. It looks like the municipalities are starting to rope off playgrounds and courts because they don’t encourage social distancing. But come on, people! Do a nature scavenger hunt, bring some toys to play with in a field with your family. Take a hike. But don’t let little kids climb all over the playground equipment that is never sanitized!