Slice of Life Day 17

We had a subdued St. Patrick’s Day here in quarantine. I worked this morning (still dislike virtual school immensely) and Chris started working from home. I wore my shamrock sweatpants and baseball tee, but it didn’t really feel like St. Patrick’s Day.

Working from home means I sit a lot. I’m a walker when I teach, so I really need to make time to move around during virtual school. I took a few laps around the yard when I let the dogs out during our 20 minute break. After work Chris and I walked the dogs during his lunch hour and then I walked them again before dinner. My Fitbit also reminds me to move, but I’m often answering questions from students when it buzzes so I don’t get to listen.

Dinner was corned beef and cabbage with mashed potatoes. While we ate dinner I baked Irish Soda bread. It’s not St. Patrick’s Day without Irish Soda bread! Not the most exciting St. Patrick’s Day, but hopefully we are helping to #flattenthecurve.