Slice of Life Day 16

I spent all weekend thinking today was St. Patrick’s Day, so that tells you where my head is.

Today was our first day of remote learning and I did not like it one bit. I’ll write more about the teacher side of things at a later date, but I really miss interacting with my students. I’m an extroverted introvert who needs to do something everyday, so sitting silently on my couch through four periods today did not work for me.

The good part about virtual school is I can use the bathroom any time I want, I can eat snacks all day, and the coffee maker is only a few feet away!

We embarked on this remote learning adventure under the assumption it would he for a couple of weeks. But now? Who knows. There’s talk (from the state) that schools might not open for the rest of the year! I’m not sure how I will function if that’s the case!

But let’s focus on something good that happened today.

Middletown Township Public Library is AWESOME. Ellie, one of the librarians, responded to my email inquiry about digital library cards in under 8 hours. She called me and after a brief chat told me that she’s setting my students up with digital library cards so they can access e-books/audiobooks while quarantined. I’m so excited! Many kids borrowed books from my classroom library before we closed, but only enough for a week or two. I’m hoping this will help them find more reading material. Thank you, libraries!