Slice of Life Day 15

Tomorrow we begin remote/virtual learning for the foreseeable future. NJ schools will require students in grades 6-12 to follow a half-day bell schedule and log in for each class following their normal schedule. It will likely be a little crazy, but we are ready to try it.

Some of my students are understandably confused, so here’s what I just shared with them:

“You will follow the bell schedule and have your classes on your normal day. For example, I teach my seniors on Monday period 4, Tuesday period 4, and Wednesday period 1 when we have normal school. Starting tomorrow, I will still have my seniors on Monday Per 4 (10:54am-11:44am), Tuesday Per 4 (10:54am-11:44am), and Wednesday Per 1 (8:00am-8:50am). Note that it’s just the time of day that has changed.

Tomorrow you will log in to your Google Classroom (or email, depending on the teacher) for your Monday period 1 class at 8am. There will be an assignment posted and your teacher will be available via email. At the end of period 1 (8:54am) you will move to your normal Monday period 2 class via Classroom. Be sure to log in to each class at the beginning of the period and complete the check-in/assignment. These will be used for class attendance along with the Google form sent out each morning by the secretaries or principal.

Classwork/homework will be posted each day and may be due during the period or the next class (or somewhere in between, like 9pm). Be sure to pay attention to due dates. And we all know this will be a tough transition, so don’t stress too much! Teachers are learning, too!”

NJ is waiving the 180 day requirement as long as districts implement virtual school. (Yes, there are equity issues and all sorts of problems, but this is where we are right now. Luckily my district has handled most of this). So here we go….

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