Slice of Life Day 11

I really need to stop leaving this posts until almost midnight. I’m as bad as my froshies. Once a High Techer, always a High Techer! Procrastination runs in our blood.

My students are blogging this month, too; I’m so impressed by their dedication. A large majority of them have been posting every single day, aiming to post for all 31 days! This is one of my favorite projects during the year because I get to learn so much about them from their blog posts. I also love to see them getting to know each other. Each blog is different, with some focusing on specific topics and others changing topics each day.

I’m also glad that we are doing Slice of Life because it will easily work if we close due to Covid-19. Yes, I’m still working on plans for teaching remotely. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as just flipping a switch. I can definitely make it work for a week or two, but beyond that will be hard.