Slice of Life Day 10

Today poor Navan had to go back to the vet.

After his exam last week we got a call that his 4DX test came back positive for Ehrlichia. Ehrlichia is a tick-borne illness like Lyme disease. Dogs get Ehrlichia from the brown dog tick, common here in N.J., which passes an ehrlichia organism into the bloodstream when it bites.

We live in Lyme disease central so this didn’t surprise me. The digs almost always test positive for something tick-borne despite wearing Seresto collars. The ticks are immune to things like Frontline here.

Even though he didn’t show any symptoms, the vet wanted to run an in-house CBC panel to Kane sure he wasn’t anemic. Ehrlichia can cause anemia, so they wanted to check his platelet count. Luckily that’s a 10-minute in-house test once they get the blood sample. He was not happy about getting more blood drawn (I heard him crying and flipping out when they took him back), but it was worth it because his CBC came back normal. No treatment needed!