Slice of Life Day 9

I’ve spent the last few hours making lesson plans for a “just in case we close” scenario related to Covid-19. This whole situation is crazy!

Today a few local colleges announced that they are closing (some immediately). A few of those schools are sending students home for spring break and encouraging them to stay home. Classes will shift online and be offered remotely. I know this is a tough shift for any teacher, but I feel like it’s slightly easier in college due to the tech infrastructure they have in place and the fact that students own their textbooks. It’s a completely different situation in K-12 education.

It’s hard to plan when you don’t know when the plan has to start. I have no issue shifting my content online temporarily (though it isn’t ideal), but I had to do a lot of adjustments to the syllabus I keep in my head. Tonight I sent out a survey for my 9th graders to choose their next lit circle book; we won’t start reading for about two weeks, but I want them to have them at home in the event we do have to close suddenly. I also came up with online versions of our current news groups.

Luckily, reading and writing workshop are super flexible, so with a little work I can make my plans fit an online module. But this is super stressful and a lot of work!