Slice of Life Day 8

99% of the time when I try to take a nice picture of my dogs I end up with a derpy photo. This is one of the least derpiest of today’s set.

Thanks to daylight savings time I lost an hour today, but that didn’t make my day any less busy! I tutored first two hours this morning and then went straight to an info session for summer SAT tutoring.

I forgot to order my groceries online last night, so I then had to go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is such a time suck. I had to go to three different stores and it took about 2 hours. By the time I got home it was almost 3pm. I still had so much to do!

Luckily, daylight savings time meant it was lighter longer, so Chris and I snuck in a quick walk at Turkey Swamp after unpacking the groceries. Then I took the dogs back for a second walk at 6pm. 6pm! And it was still light out!

The longer days make me so happy. I hate rushing home from work because I only have about an hour before it gets dark. Now I can relax a little! Plus the dogs and I can go on longer walks.

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