Slice of Life Day 7

Happy dogs

This morning I realized it’s a 7 day work week. Oops.

I started my day with the Stars Challenge field experience from 9-12. This is the culminating experience for the middle school science enrichment class I co-teach in January and February. We did orienteering, some bird-watching, eco-art, and camera trapping. It was windy, but overall a nice day weather-wise. We lucked out!

While I was working Chris took Dublin to fitness class. They seemed to have fun, as usual. Dublin would go to canine fitness every day if possible.

After class I rushed home to watch the Rutgers men’s team play their last regular season road game. The team has been incredible to watch this year, but we were still a bubble team going into the game. We were also the underdog. But after a fantastic and exciting game that went into overtime we won! And we likely punched our ticket to March Madness!

The rest of the day was spent running errands and catching up on TV. Chris did some planting and pruning, and we took a walk and spent time in the yard. Even though I worked this morning, the rest of the day was spent relaxing.