Slice of Life Day 3

It’s Super Tuesday, but I didn’t spend the night watching primary returns. My Super Tuesday was focused on the Rutgers vs. #9 UMD game. Rutgers played lights out for the whole game and won! At one point they were up by 20 points. It was an incredible game and a huge win for the program. I think we punched our ticket to the dance tonight. 🤞

Before watching the game I had to take Navan to the vet for his annual exam. To put it mildly, Navan is not a fan of the vet’s office. We’ve done training, he’s visited outside of appointments, and we bring special treats, but it doesn’t make a difference.

I brought Dublin with us because he loves the vet and I hoped he would calm Navan down. No such luck! While trying to get Navan on the scale Dublin jumped up and refused to get off. Then when we went into the exam room Dublin jumped up on the exam table. Navan tried to escape.

The exam went fine, though it was very quick thanks to Navan being so dramatic. He got two shots, punched me in the chin, and then had to be taken in the back to have blood drawn for his annual heartworm/tick-borne illness test. He had to be taken in the back so the strongest tech could hold him while the vet took the blood sample.

Dublin- happy. Navan-unhappy

Everyone left with a clean bill of health and promptly fell asleep. Being bad at the vet and demanding all your friends in the office pet you is apparently exhausting.