Slice of Life Day 27

Things I am excited about:

  • I am introducing Ibi Zoboi at the NJCTE conference on Saturday. She is the winner of this year’s NJCTE Becker Award and will be giving a keynote.  As chair of the committee I will get to introduce her, which is fantastic.  I’m so excited for our members to hear from her
  • My first pairs of Rothy’s are arriving tomorrow. Rothy’s shoes are made from recycled water bottles and I’ve been anxious to try them. When I found out they offer a teacher discount I finally placed an order. If you aren’t a teacher they have a referral program; if you use my link, we both get $20 off!
  • I finished some grading tonight.  Woohoo! I still have way too much grading left to do before grades are due, but progress is progress!
  • NJSLA testing (what used to be called PARCC) is only 2 days this year!!!
  • The weather has been gorgeous lately.  I really like winter, and I’m still sad we barely got any snow, but it’s been 50 degrees and breezy these last few days.  Who doesn’t enjoy blue skies and a cool breeze?  Plus, now it’s light out until after 7pm!  I can walk the dogs after school without worrying that it’s about to get dark.
  • I’m working on revisions for a piece I submitted to a few places.  I got feedback from one editor and will resubmit (as requested) after I revise it.

This week is still crazy, but the next few days are a little calmer.  Thank goodness!! Things ramp up again over the weekend, and they stay crazy until next Thursday.  Phew!

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