Slice of Life Day 26

I don’t think I’ve done a list entry so far this month, so it’s about time for one. This week is crazy and time is not on my side.

Stuff I’m thinking about:

  • How amazing Angie Thomas’s On the Come Up is. It took me a little bit to fall in love, but 90% of the way through and I’m blown away.
  • Last night I had trouble sleeping and I’m paying for it today.
  • My kids are wrapping up the Slice of Life challenge and are starting to reflect on it. Two of their reflections made me tear up.
  • I just put a hold on Pete Buttigieg’s book at the library. I love that his husband posted that they are both Hufflepuffs (according to the official Pottermore quiz). So this is what it’s like when someone from my generation runs for president?
  • I’m probably on some sort of list at the library because I constantly recommend that they purchase new audiobook titles. Seriously, I do it more than once each week.
  • Tomorrow night I have to remember to participate in the #nerdcampnj twitter chat.
  • The NJCTE spring conference is this Saturday and I need to start preparing.
  • I have so much grading to do.
  • I have so many books to read!
  • I submitted some writing to a periodical and I’m anxiously awaiting a second follow-up response.
  • Speaking up is exhausting.
  • I think it’s time for me to hit the hay. I need more than 4 hours of sleep tonight.