Slice of Life Day 25

One of my (volunteer) side hustles is therapy dog work. Dublin is a certified therapy dog, and we try to make at least one visit per month. He loves therapy work and is looking forward to our monthly reading events starting up again.

I’m also a certified evaluator for our program. This means I test prospective owners and dogs after they complete their therapy training class. I had a last minute test tonight so I had to head over to the shop around 8pm. The test went well, but I was mostly excited to hang out with some of my favorite dogs. While waiting for the training class to end I hung out with two giants-a German Shepherd and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Both are convinced they are lap dogs, so they spent a lot of time trying to fit in my lap.

Needless to say, my two were very suspicious when I got home. I got sniffed up and down as they tried to figure out why I smelled like their friends. Luckily, a treat distracted them!