Slice of Life Day 24

That Duke game, am I right? Actually, more like that UCF game! Zion Williams is incredible, but UCF made Duke look pretty average tonight. The Duke win kept my bracket alive (though on life support), but I would have loved to see UCF win!


Today was spent sitting on my couch watching basketball.  If I wasn’t sitting on my couch watching I was cooking and meal prepping in the kitchen with the games on the iPad.  I love being able to watch one game after another.  I also love that the tournament is sudden death; every team has everything to lose.  It doesn’t matter how you did in every game this season; it only matters how well you perform in the game going on right now.

I did make time to take the dogs for a walk and cross a bunch of things off my to-do list today.  The next few weeks are super busy, so I wanted to get some things figured out in advance.  My plans are sketched out for the next few weeks and now I just need to make it to spring break.  It’s just another month away.

There are two more games to go tonight and I’m hoping they will breath some more life into my bracket before bed.  Wish me luck!

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