Slice of Life Day 19

Somewhere in those trees is a screech owl. He or she has been trilling at dusk for the last two weeks or so. I can’t see it, but I love listening to its song! Even the dogs stop and listen when it calls.

The screech owl is a new resident in our yard. We have a pair of great horned owls that live in the county park across the street, and we frequently hear them hooting back and forth from December to June. I’m assuming they are a mated pair. But the screech owl just moved in. I did some research and learned that screech owls have a small territory and tend to stick around if they find food: mice, voles, frogs, and even bugs. We certainly have all of those in the backyard!

I’m hoping to put up a nesting box to convince the screech owl to make its home here. If food is plentiful it should keep hunting here, and I’m very ok with it eating our mice!

One of the reasons I love living across the street from a county park is because we get so many cool birds. The forest across the street provides great habitat and the resident birds will often venture across the street. The owls are my favorite!