Slice of Life Day 18

Today I started a new book on my way home from school.  I listen to audiobooks on my commute, but for the past few days none of my library books have been available.  During that time I caught up on Season 2 of Monster, a podcast, which is focused on the Zodiac Killer this time around.

But today I got an email that my audiobook version of My Sister, the Serial Killer: A Novel by Oyinkan Braithwaite was ready.  I’ve been looking forward to reading this because it’s supposed to be darkly funny.  Luckily, it hasn’t disappointed in that area!  Korede and Ayoola are sisters who live in Lagos, Nigeria.  Ayoola is the younger, prettier, more popular sister.  She’s also killed her last three boyfriends’s and Korede, the good big sister that she is, has helped her clean up every time.  I’m about halfway through the book (I listened to it while walking the dogs and doing laundry, too) and I highly recommend it!

I’ve listened to a few other great audiobooks over the past few weeks.  Most recently, I finished The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin, which might have my favorite last chapter.  Before that I listened to Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter by Ben Goldfarb.  If you are at all interested in American history and/or ecosystems, it’s a fascinating look at the important role beavers play in our lives.

I’m on the waiting list for something like 25 additional audiobooks, many of which I’ve recommended to the library thanks to Overdrive.  At the rate I’m going, I’ll finish My Sister, the Serial Killer in the next day or so, so I hope another one is available soon!  One of the libraries I belong to has a setting where I can see an estimated date for a book’s availability; right now, I have about 8 weeks until some of them reach me.  And that’s why I belong to two local libraries!