Slice of Life Day 17

Slainte! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We celebrated a low-key St. Patrick’s Day with some corned beef for dinner after a relaxing day.

My day started with SAT prep class followed by an info session for families interested in the summer session. I finished our weekly food shopping yesterday, so after work I ran a few errands: TJMaxx, Target (to make a return), and DSW (for a package of no-show socks).

When I got home Chris was doing yard work; he made his first attempts at grafting our apple trees yesterday and did the annual apple tree pruning. Today he had to grind up all the extra cut branches. While he did his yard work I cleaned out our hall closet and set up the mantel for spring. Oh, and I put our last few Christmas decorations in the attic. Oops! Then I spent an inordinate amount of time researching Rothys and trying to figure out if I should try their loafers as part of my Lenten focus on making more sustainable choices. I still haven’t decided.

Do you have any of the sustainable shoe brands like Rothys or Allbirds? Any suggestions?

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