Slice of Life Day 15

Today it was 77° when I left school. 77°! In the middle of March!

The dogs went to doggy daycare bright and early this morning, so I didn’t have to rush home. That meant I had time to go to my favorite store: Trader Joe’s! My house is located directly between three Trader Joe’s. They are all 20 miles from me, so it’s a pain to get to them on a normal weekend. But sometimes I have time to run there on Friday and today was that Friday!

I love so many of Trader Joe’s products, so I’m now $70 poorer. However, it’s well worth it. I now have spatchcock chicken, corned beef, Irish bangers, peanut butter and jelly chocolates, and some other delicious food. I also picked up a bouquet of spring daffodils to brighten up the kitchen.

I’m set for a few weeks. That’s a good thing, because my Trader Joe’s bill is always higher than I planned. It’s like Target!

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