Slice of Life Day 12

One of my goals during Lent is to cut back on the number of single use plastics I use. I am making a conscious effort to use reusable straws, which means trying out different types of straws. I use these silicone ones at home and keep a metal straw at school to use with iced coffee. The silicone straw absorbs the coffee taste, so metal all the way!

My current problem is making sure I have straws with me when I go out. I haven’t found the perfect solution yet, but I have the Final Straw in my online shopping cart right now. I love that it’s foldable and has its own carrying case. I can’t just throw a reusable straw in my bag because it gets gross, so I love this idea.

I also have a few other items in my cart. I want to get reusable silicone ziplock bags (especially freezer size), reusable produce bags, and bamboo flatware for school. I already use bento-like boxes for my lunch most days, and I love my beeswax food wraps, but I feel like there’s more I can do. That’s why I’m focusing on doing something, rather than giving something up, for Lent this year.

One Response

  1. I love the doing rather than giving something up! I’ve been listening to NPR this week and their series on solutions for climate change…and they all involve people who are doing something NOW. Now to take that action… Thanks for the inspiration!

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