Slice of Life Day 11

Today was the Mondayest of Mondays.

It was a long day.

A day full of nonsense.

Full of frustration.

Full of ridiculousness.

On days like this I’m grateful to have a reason to get outside and exercise right after school. I rushed home from a faculty meeting, grabbed the dogs, and headed to the park. We walked two miles in the sun and I felt a little better.

Luckily, Monday is training night?m, so Chris and Navan headed to class while Dubs and I added 3 more miles to our day. We enjoyed the warm(ish) weather, the longer daylight hours, and the cool breeze. I finished my audiobook during the walk and felt a little more human when we got home.

If I didn’t have the dogs I’m not sure I’d be motivated to get out so much. Because of then, I definitely walked off some of the frustration that built up during the day. Thank goodness!

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