Slice of Life Day 9

Captain Marvel might be my new favorite Marvel character.  She’s a badass, butt-kicking heroine and the movie did not disappoint!

Chris and I bought our tickets earlier this week and were excited to see Brie Larson, Annette Benning, and the rest of the cast. I knew we would love it, but I was curious to see how the rest of the audience reacted after reading about the trolls who have been trying to take it down via bad reviews on Rotten Tomato.  One of the units I do with my seniors focuses on the Bechdel test and gender and media, so the “controversy” surrounding the release of the movie and Brie Larson’s comments about diversity in the world of movie critics has been fascinating to me.

The audience was split pretty evenly between males and females, which is normal for Marvel movies at this theater.  I was very happy to see that the audience pretty universally loved the movie.  There was lots of hooting and hollering during the film and a big round of applause at the end.  It seems like our audience wasn’t abnormal; the film will likely make $160 million this weekend! Even better?  The ending leaves open the possibility of another Captain Marvel in the future!

Oh, and the soundtrack to the movie is awesome. It’s full of 90s nostalgia!