Slice of Life Day 8

*a slice told from Navan’s point of view.*

Wheeeeeeee! A car ride without Dublin! Maybe we are going to the park. Or training class. Or doggie daycare! Wheeeee!

The car pulls into a familiar parking lot. Nope. Nope nope nope. I know this place. No way, lady! Don’t you remember how poorly this went last year? I punched the lady with the needles and they had to get two other people to hold me on the table. Let’s just go home. Forget this even happened!

Why are you walking across the parking lot? Fine, we can walk. But I am not going in that building. I can put on the brakes abs become dead weight. See?

Wait, why are you still moving? Not fair! You weigh more than me! I do not want to go into this….crap, we are inside. Fine, we walked in. That’s enough; let’s turn around and go home.

Why are we walking to the desk? No way, receptionist, you can’t trick me with your sweet voice, gentle hands, HOLD UP! Is that a treat?! Fine, I guess I can take a treat if you are offering….

Today was Navan’s annual vet visit. He’s not the best patient; he punched the vet last year despite having two vet techs holding him. But this year was much better! He was anxious, but he was calm. He survived and even received compliments on his behavior.