Slice of Life Day 6

This week I’ve been crossing items off my to-do list left and right.  This is worth celebrating because I am normally a huge procrastinator.  However, for the past few days I have been very productive!

So what have I done?

Last week I finished a teaching guide for an upcoming YA novel (my first teaching guide!) and sent it to the editor.  I made my deadline!  After that I made some updates to the NJCTE website and merged a few PDF files into a single file for our 2019 journal.  I made Navan’s annual vet appointment, paid for our 2019 CSA share, and wrote lesson plans for the next two weeks.  While doing all that I kept up with my reading for the Walden committee, helped a colleague advertise our summer STEM camps, and baked Irish soda bread.  And I did all of it without a snow day on Monday (even though I really wanted one)!

I still have a few things on my to-do list, but I’m hopeful that I will be able to accomplish them in the next few days.

One Response

  1. Wow! That’s super productive! Congratulations on being so productive–you deserve some time to relax now!

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