Slice of Life Day 5

Some days you are just tired.  For whatever reason today is one of those days.  I woke up tired and now it’s 9:30pm and I am still tired.  This does not bode well for the many weeks between now and spring break! It’s never good when spring break falls at the end of May.  The weeks between the long President’s Day weekend and spring break seem to be eternal.

Despite feeling exhausted, I did accomplish some things today.  I graded a little over one class’s sonnets, walked the dogs 2.5 miles, and cooked dinner.  While walking the dogs I finished one audiobook (Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter) and started another (The Last Romantics). Chris got me a pair of bone conduction headphones for Christmas and my audiobook consumption has increased as a result.  Bone conduction headphones allow you to hear sound through the vibration of the bones in your face and don’t block out the noises around you.  As a result, I feel safe using them on the trails, so I get a lot more audiobook time now!

With that said, I am still tired.  Maybe it’s the weather; many of my students seemed exhausted today, too.  I’m hopeful that tomorrow will be better for all of us!