Slice of Life Day 2

Canine fitness. What do you picture when you read those words? Dogs running through an agility course? Dogs at the gym? I can tell you I had no idea what canine fitness could be until a few weeks ago. That’s when our dog trainer mentioned she was starting a canine fitness class. With two very energetic herding dogs I was immediately on board.

Today was our second class and both dogs were able to attend. They loved it and are exhausted! I was sweaty and tired by the end, too!

It turns out canine fitness is essentially core conditioning for dogs. The owners get a lot of exercise because they have to hold the equipment and participate in running and stretching drills. But the owners aren’t the focus- it’s the dogs. Using a bunch of equipment especially designed for dogs, they stretch, balance, and practice rear end awareness (a fancy term for using their back feet). Dublin, our 9.5 year old Aussie, is in his glory in class.

Navan also had a lot of fun. It’s great for the dogs’ muscles and can prevent injuries. Most importantly, they are exhausted after class! That means I can actually get things done when we get home.

It’s 10:32pm and both dogs are still tired. A tired dog is a good dog, so what more can I ask for?