Slice of Life 2019

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hIt’s March 1st and that means it is time for the annual Slice of Life Challenge.  Stacey at Two Writing Teachers reminded me that this will be my 12th year participating.  Twelve years!  That blows my mind.  I started participating as a middle school teacher and now I lead my classes through the challenge each year.  It’s one of my favorite assignments each year because I get to know my students well and they get to know each other better.

Tonight I will spend my time catching up on TV as I read my students’ entries.  They will pop up throughout the night as many of them are determined to blog all 31 days in March.  Because comments are moderated I will also be reading and approving the comments they leave on each other’s blogs.  And finally, I want to leave a comment on each blog posted today, so wish me luck!