SOL Day 30

Happy spring break!

Today I did all the things I can’t normally due when I’m at work.  I started my morning by dropping the dogs off at doggy daycare.  Then I headed towards Mercer County to do some pet store shopping and some bird watching.  I picked up some clearance items at the mom + pop pet store, then I headed over to my favorite place to hike and look for birds: Mercer Meadows.

Mercer Meadows is about 1600 acres of trails, forests, meadows, and ponds/creeks.  The bird-watching is amazing and during the winter I can’t get over there during the week because it gets dark so early.  Today I spent a few hours wandering the trails and watching the harriers and red-tailed hawks hunt.


Harriers, like the one in the photo above (that I took today) hunt by hovering in place over meadows and listening/watching for voles and mice.  This girl tried to catch several rodents while I watched her, but she never succeeded.  As she hunted, the trio of red-tailed hawks circled high above her, screaming.

I also spotted what was most likely a raccoon sleeping high up in a tree, but it was hard to tell from the ground  (and I was pretty far away).  What do you think?  Does it look like a raccoon?  I’m thrown off because it was so out in the open and I’ve only seen raccoons sleeping in dens/holes in trees in the past. The reddish hue in the fur is also strange, though it could be a trick of the light.


After hiking about 3 miles, I headed to grab a Lent-friendly lunch of tuna salad at a nearby cafe.  I enjoyed my tuna salad on a baguette while reading my book, reveling in the fact that I was out during the day.  As a teacher, eating lunch outside of my classroom/the cafeteria/the faculty room isn’t possible, so a lunch in a cafe without a time limit seemed especially luxurious.

After running a few more errands, I headed pack to doggy daycare to pick up the Aussies.  I was thrilled to learn that my friend had groomed Dublin and cleaned him up, because he desperately needed it!  The dogs were completely wiped out by the day o’ fun and so am I!

This was only the first day of spring break, but I feel like I spent it living my best spring break life.


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