SOL Day 29

This is the face of a dog who found a possum at 5am. He wants to know why he’s not allowed back outside where the possum is.

We hadn’t seen our possum friend on a few weeks, but the dogs found him first thing this morning! Luckily, Chris was with them and was able to shop them away from their new friend when he decided to play possum. Last time this happened, I learned that they can play dead for up to four hours! Thankfully, the dogs did their business with Chris and remained inside while I was at work. As soon as I let them outside after work they were on the hunt, though! It’s astounding how much they can remember. They immediately ran to the spot where they’d last seen him!

Don’t worry- Navan had fun today, too. Our afternoon walk at the park was very “mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful”.

Yes, he’s digging in a giant puddle of mud. Yes, he loved it. We took a 1.5 mike walk and there were mud puddles everywhere. He was in his glory!

I am officially on spring break, so we have many hikes to look forward to over the next few days!