SOL Day 27

Sick days are the worst.

I woke up at 4am and was sick as a dog. At 5:30am I called out of school and began throwing some plans together. Calling out sucks because you have to figure out plans for the day while you likely can’t even see straight. I managed to cobble something together (thank goodness for Google Classroom) and fell asleep.

I was also supposed to go to my middle school enrichment class’s end of course celebration tonight. Chalk up another win for technology: FaceTime. I popped in via FaceTime for a few minutes and promptly collapsed again after hanging up.

When I’m sick I usually keep the TV on in the background to drown out any noises outside. It’s like my own white noise machine. Today I started with the local news, then Good Morning America, next a few episodes of Friends, and finally a few hours of Law and Order. None of the shows require brainpower and none of them are too loud: perfect sick day television.

And now that my Slice is done, I’ll be passing out again.

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